The high generated from smoking hits of Laughing Buddha really are the epitome of the energising trait of sativa varieties. This high is perfect during creative endeavours, certain physical activities as well as reading and writing. This surge of energy works to get the creative juices flowing and may serve to boost cognitive function during tasks. The high from this strain is laced with happy and uplifting properties.
The psychoactive effect from smoking Laughing Buddha does have some indica tones within it, therefore it can be used for a slightly relaxing effect when used within the right set and setting and at the correct time. These traits allow the strain some medical application, especially when it comes to conditions such as depression, stress, pain, reduced appetite and fatigue.
Laughing Buddha gives off a desirable taste when smoked, so expect some interesting sensations when vaping or smoking this strain. Dominant flavours within the mix are sour, spicy, earthy and sweet. The aromatic diversity of the strain is highly pleasing and surprising, emitting scents of citrus, berry, banana, grapefruit, strawberry and raspberry.
Laughing Buddha thrives when cultivated both indoors and outdoors. The strain can push up to heights of 110cm when grown indoors within grow tents and rooms, producing impressive yields. When cultivated outside in raised beds or even guerrilla grow locations, Laughing Buddha will achieve slightly taller heights. The flowering time of the strain is between 70 and 75 days, the end result being trichome heavy buds that contain a THC content of 22 percent and a CBD content of 1.6 percent.

Subcategory: Dried Flower

Plant type: Sativa

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