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Edible ace Pickering Weed Delivery

Cannabis Products online Dispensary Near Me to preserve the quality and integrity of the production and distribution process of cannabis products in Pickering Durham Region, Ontario
We also deliver high-quality products to the areas of Ajax, Innisfil, Aurora, Markham, Bradford, Vaughan, and Oshawa. If you live in a smaller town near any of these areas, send an email to salebibles@gmail.com or call/text us at (647) 204-0308. We will do our best to accommodate you!

Edible Ace delivers weed in Pickering, Ontario. We are an online dispensary that provides top-quality weed products and free weed delivery on orders of $100+. Edible ace cannabis in Pickering, Ontario. We are an online dispensary that provides top-quality cannabis products and free weed delivery on orders of $100+. With several convenient delivery windows, same-day delivery, stackable promos, and Canada-Wide cannabis mail order, why choose any other cannabis delivery service?

Although to many Pickering is just a commuter city for Toronto, it is actually quite a fascinating place to visit. Not only does it have an extremely long history, but it also has quite a vibrant arts scene. Still, for some reason it is often overlooked by travellers, even though it has so much to offer.

The city sits right along Lake Ontario immediately to the east of Toronto and is accessible from the big city by train and motorway. If you are lucky enough to be able to spend some time here, these are the 15 best things to do in Pickering. There are around 69 types of trees at the Petticoat Creek Conservation Area, and plenty of wildlife that call the area home. Walk along the trails and admire the trees, which include oak, birch, willow and pine. Pickering’s Nautical Village is a unique community that sits along the edge of Lake Ontario. It makes for a great escape from the busy city centre, strolling around and enjoying all that it has to offer. The community is home to quaint shops, ice cream parlours, bakeries and cafés. There is even a beach complete with volleyball nets and areas to go swimming.

The Waterfront Trail runs through Petticoat Creek Conservation Area, offering panoramic views of Lake Ontario. It is also possible to go mountain biking, though you will need to bring your own bike. The conservation area also happens to be a great place for a picnic, what with its six sites scattered throughout. If that’s not enough, there is a 1,600-square-metre pool, a 1,000-square-metre splash pad and a beach.

While enjoying these varied activities, remember to pick up some cannabis products for that extra enjoyment! We provide free weed delivery on orders of $100+ and have many stackable promos! Our online dispensary is frequently updated with new flower and carries a large range of cannabis concentrates and edibles for all your needs!

Edible Ace has been servicing the Pickering area since 2018. We are a trusted, locally owned, and operated company with the largest selection of high-quality cannabis products! You can look forward to craft selected products and flowers, with new products added frequently!


We are an online cannabis store near you that offers same-day delivery in Pickering of cannabis flower, cannabis edibles, import hash and more.

Edible Ace Coupon Codes & Compassion Points
At EdibleAce Pickering, we’re always looking for new ways to bring you value and improve your customer experience. Receive a free gift with every order and earn compassion points on every purchase.

Medical Marijuana Pickering Products You Can Find
Let the Edible Ace team help you find the perfect products.
Order now and get reliable, same-day cannabis delivery in Pickering and across Durham Region.

Cannabis Flowers
We offer a range of qualities, including craft flowers, premium strains, and select buds. You will also have your choice of some of the newest and most popular Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids in town. Enjoy the most stunning, potent and tasty buds in Canada. Order now and get same-day marijuana delivery in Pickering.

Cannabis Edibles
Buy weed edibles in Pickering and get your order brought to you in no time! If you are looking for fresh edibles, you’ve come to the right place. Edible Ace stands behind our products, and we know you’ll love them.
Equip yourself with top-grade THC edibles for an intense body high.

THC Concentrates
Our cannabis concentrates are famous for being some of the most potent products in Ontario.
Also, our full-spectrum high terpene extracts are some of the most flavourful concentrates in Pickering.

You can also try our vape selection, where you will find an assortment of pre-filled vape cartridges and disposable vape pens. We even offer vape kits that contain all the components you need to get started right away. Get yours now and receive dependable weed delivery in Pickering.

Edible Ace Cannabis Delivery Service Locations
Our priority is offering the best weed delivery in Pickering and neighbor areas, Ontario.
The EdibleAce Durham cannabis store covers all of Pickering and the following areas:
We also service neighbouring areas, so if you don’t see your location on our cities page, please contact us, and we will be happy to accommodate you if possible.

Why Buy Weed in Pickering From Edible Ace ?
Our team focuses on providing the absolute best in terms of the quality of our products and services. We also continually look for new and exciting ways for you to save. With weed legalization in full force, let’s take a look at some of the ways EdibleAce can help enhance your experience.

We Sell Only the Highest Quality Products
The EdibleAce Pickering community is large and diverse, which is why we’ve put together a broad product selection to meet a range of needs. We also extensively test our products and stand behind the products we offer. Our cannabis shop only carries what our customers want, and any underperforming items won’t last long.

How to Get EdibleAce Same-Day Weed Delivery in Pickering
Our goal is to make buying weed in Whitby as easy as possible. Simply browse through our weed store, fill up your cart, place your order, and wait for delivery! Make sure you pick the correct city’s shop to get weed delivery in your area.

How to Buy Weed Online in Pickering With Edible Ace
You can also choose to mail-order cannabis from our online cannabis shop. Just be sure to understand that there is a difference between mail-order weed and marijuana delivery services. For instance, our online dispensary mails you your package via Canada Post, and weed delivery in Pickering brings you your package by car the same day.

COVID-19 Protocols
Edible Ace Pickering marijuana dispensary takes safety seriously; we sanitize all packages before dispatching them. Our drivers maintain social distancing procedures so everyone can stay safe and secure. Our weed delivery in Pickering works tirelessly to provide the absolute best for our valued members and staff.