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What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil And How It's Used

Cannabis products are all over the web and the mainstream media as thousands of people testify to their medical and recreational use efficacy. The market demand continues to surge and now competes closely with prescription drugs. There's an increasing number of manufacturers that offer everyone a wide variety of brands. But while each formulation is unique, finding the best product nowadays can be challenging for many users.

If you have health issues, using full-spectrum CBD oil is one of the best solutions today, as marijuana doctors say. This is the cannabis product that's best for medical purposes, especially for treating anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and all other serious illnesses. But like other alternative drugs, you have to research the properties and effects of the substance.

Remember that CBD products work differently for each person due to factors at play. As your guide on why full-spectrum CBD oil is a good treatment alternative and how it's used, read on the following facts. You might discover convincing reasons to make a shift that would improve your general health. 

What is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil? 

It's the most popular cannabis product that's used for medical purposes. The substance is derived from cannabis plants containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a hallucinogenic compound. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains hundreds of other cannabinoids (CBD), offering therapeutic or healing effects when used correctly.

CBD advocates claim that the full-spectrum cannabis oil can create a powerful medical treatment when all the chemical elements produce an entourage effect. Such elements include healing properties, such as fatty acids, fibre, protein, and rich essential vitamins. Interestingly, it's often compared with broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate that work differently to treat various medical issues.

In that sense, full-spectrum CBD products are widely recognized for their potent healing effect for severe medical conditions, including nerve and muscle pain, anxiety, depression, migraines, and other adverse health conditions. The substance has the following compounds that enable natural relief and treatment:

  • Cannabinoids

Full-spectrum CBD oil has more than 100 cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. These two significant compounds are responsible for the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of cannabis products. And CBD does not cause impairment, while THC can produce intoxication. 

  • Terpenes

There are also over 150 terpenes in cannabis oil, which determines the fragrance and flavour of the substance. Terpenes are also known for their therapeutic effects that complement CBD and THC in healing. 

  • Flavonoids

Almost 20 different flavonoids are found in CBD oil. These elements can also be found in fruits, grains, and vegetables. Like terpenes, they also offer therapeutic effects, effectively relieving inflammation and cancer-related symptoms and acting as neuroprotective agents. 

Health Benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 

CBD products are growing in popularity mainly because of their health benefits to consumers. It can be used for various medical conditions and maintain general health. You can also use CBD oil for recreational purposes to provide relaxation and some therapeutic effects. But generally, here are a few perks that consumers love about the product: 

Pain Relief 

CBD has analgesic properties that can relieve pain. The substance can reduce inflammation from the inside out and calm tension in the body. Using full-spectrum CBD oil, in particular, has been noted in a research review to be successful as a pain reliever. A study showed that the gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in hemp mitigated premenstrual syndrome (PMS) among female subjects. Many consumers also reported positive experiences from using the product when treating joint pain, muscle tension, arthritis, tendonitis, and other pain caused by aging or exercise. 

Anxiety Treatment

Both young and old experience anxiety due to internal and external factors. When it becomes frequent, anxiety can already hamper normal functioning and productivity. If that ever happens to you, using full-spectrum CBD oil can offer some relief and treatment. CBD can relieve the symptoms of anxiety and promote a robust immune response. As found in a scientific study, people who use CBD oil become less anxious and cognitively impaired, especially those with social anxiety disorders.

Skin Health 

If you have skin problems like acne, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis, you can use CBD oil as a treatment option. The US National Library of Medicine claims that the substance is helpful for the treatment of these conditions. The product contains fatty acids and vitamins that help build and maintain healthy skin. Hemp oil also makes your skin develop resistance against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Using the substance, your skin gets nourished and guarded against oxidation that causes signs of ageing. 

Quality Sleep 

Due to the demands of modern life, many people are not getting enough sleep. This lifestyle may cause some health drawbacks in the future. If you're struggling to get quality sleep these days, you can use CBD oil that's proven to improve sleep quality and reduce sleep difficulties. The CBD in full-spectrum hemp extract can relieve sleeplessness due to age or certain medical conditions. It also helps relax the mind and body and promotes a healthy stress response to achieve tranquillity. 

High Blood Pressure Therapy

According to a study, CBD oil may reduce the risk of heart disease by relieving high blood pressure. It's considered good complementary therapy for people who are genetically predisposed and triggered by stress and anxiety. But available evidence is still limited to confirm that the substance can treat or prevent the disease on its own. There's ongoing research about this subject, but it's already noted that CBD oil is a helpful alternative supplement.  

Addiction Treatment 

People with substance abuse disorder may consider using CBD oil as well. This substance can offer relief and treatment based on several studies. The researchers noted that CBD showed promising results in treating people with cocaine, opioid, or psychostimulant addiction. It may also help treat cannabis and nicotine dependence, but more research is needed. 

Alternative Drug for Seizures 

CBD oral solution, like Epidiolex, is now approved for medical use in treating two rare forms of epilepsy in children. But there are disorders in which CBD's effectiveness is still uncertain. The available evidence shows that CBD interacts with seizure medicines and boosts their concentration in the blood. However, more research is needed to confirm the efficacy and application of the substance. 

How to Consume Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

There are several ways to consume CBD oil, including tinctures, capsules, and edibles. It's essential to choose the proper method as it can affect the efficacy and potency of the substance. As your guide, here are the delivery methods commonly used for full-spectrum CBD oil: 

Sublingual Method Using CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures usually come in bottles or spray with different flavours to choose from. If you prefer this method of ingestion, you need to use an eyedropper to measure 1-2 drops of the substance. Then squeeze the drops under your tongue and hold the tincture in place for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. When it comes to spray, you only need to spritz it once on the inside of each cheek. You can expect to feel the effects in about 30 to 45 minutes. 

Oral Ingestion Using CBD Capsules 

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to consume CBD oil, oral ingestion might be your best option. There are now CBD capsules that you can use anytime, but you should also check the label for recommended doses. You can experience the effects in about 30 minutes; however, the foods you consume around taking it can affect how the body absorbs the oil. While this method does not provide relief as quickly as others, they are the easiest way and ensure that you're getting the exact dose each time.

Vaping CBD Oil to Feel the Effects Quickly

For a much quicker effect of CBD oil, you can go for vaping as a method of consumption. This can guarantee to take effect within 30 seconds of inhaling the substance. You can now use vape pens which are discreet and easy to use. There are also desktop vaporizers that can accommodate more significant amounts of herbs, but all devices involve heating the substance into a vapour that you can inhale. When you shop for these products, they guide proper usage. The instructions are self-explanatory and straightforward, but you have to make sure that you buy the device that suits your preference and needs. 

Eating Edibles Infused with CBD Oil 

A fun and delicious way of consuming CBD products is by eating them in the form of edibles, like candies, gummies, treats, and more. You can prepare these delicacies at home or buy them from a cannabis dispensary. It's essential to follow the serving size directions and eat the edible. However, since the substance has to go through your digestive system, it may not work the same way as other CBD forms. More likely, you'll experience the effects in about 2-4 hours.


Using a Topical Massage CBD Oil

For nerve and muscle pains, or skin diseases, you can consider applying CBD topical oils to the affected area. This massage oil is best for treating achy muscles and joints and chronic pain. All you have to do is put the oil-made cream onto the area you want to treat. You have to make circular motions of your fingers on your skin as you apply the substance. Once it's used, you may notice less pain immediately, but it's likely to take effect within 30 minutes to a few hours.